Interpretation utilizing an array of techniques to enlighten the viewer and translate visually the meaning behind text, concept or process.

In other words, we can draw meaningful graphics; by hand, electronically or both. While there is a wide range of styles and techniques, with technology being what it is, today we tend to focus on computer generated illustration. Whether designing a logo or t-shirt, many times a hand drawn sketch is initially generated. In the end, the finished product is brought to life in the world of pixels.


In the mid 1980’s, Weight Watchers requested an ad announcing their new Quick Start Program. We wanted the letters to appear to be made out of gold and this was years before Photoshop was released. The words were sketched, masked with Frisket film, cut out with an X-acto knife and airbrushed. That art was scanned. You can see the ad as it printed in a New York publication.

In 1993, when Total Concept reopened in Florida, it was decided that a full page introductory Yellow Pages ad would be a great way to introduce us to the Southwest Florida area. A rough ad was designed on paper and a pencil drawing was sketched. The pencil drawing was then incorporated into the ad. The ad was later updated as a flyer when we started offering web design to our services.

Some of the work we did for Truly Nolen Pest Control required illustrating bugs, wood destroyed by termites and carpenter ants, rats and more. The visual displayed here is a two page spread in a brochure we designed.

Tri-Fold Brochure: Flap – Back – Front

Complete Inside before folding

The proprietors of this seasoned bed and breakfast in Cape Cod (built 1850) wanted all the images in the brochure in watercolor instead of photographs. The rough presented to them had some of the lettering written out by hand. Upon seeing that, they decided they wanted the lettering to be done completely by hand on the final art as well, despite the various hand lettered fonts available.



Some work we completed for the Sarasota Medieval Fair


T Shirt Design
An original piece developed for our sister company, T- Chertz . You can see additional T-Shirt designs on that page.

Gold Door – before & after

Pine Island Growers
Visit our Brand Building section to see a whole campaign utilizing this cartoon mascot.

Cape Coral Waterfront Realty
Illustration request of their waterfront building – became their logo.

The Lazy Frog

This was an early pioneer web development and hosting company created by two men named Frank and Ken (Frank Ken Technologies). They asked for a Frankenstein monster hanging ten in bermuda shorts – surfing the net.

A Simple Graphic Reproduction

Steve’s Poster
We were asked me to create a poster from his sketch.

A Compass Rose